Trying Something New

To those who have stumbles upon this blog or been given the misfortune of being forced to read it. Hello

This is something very new to me as I have never had a blog, held a diary or used any form of writing to contain the inner workings of my mind and the actions that I have taken. Therefore the reason that I am writing in this blog is because I have to, on my own decision. I am studying a Bachelor of media and Communications at University of Wollongong and majoring in Digital Media and Communications. In this course I am required to keep a blog so here I am. I also curate a YouTube Channel (Which can be found at [Yes, no fancy personalised URLs]) where I post Gaming, TCG, art, pop-culture, podcasts, and other videos.

This blog will detail how I  deal with University life as well the struggles I face and the opportunity’s that I am presented.


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