Where I’m From Soundcloud

With this piece I didn’t want to just either read out the poem and/or just have sounds to represent where i’m from. I chose to have a voice over as the main focus of the audio file as I find that I couldn’t properly answer the question ‘where I’m From’ with just sound. I chose to have the voice over be playing over different sounds that did represent where i am from (eg The beach, the bush). I had many different ideas when approaching this task. some of my ideas included somewhat of a story and others were just a humble jumble. But i settled on this idea as it spoke to me the most.


Shia Labeouf vs 4Chan

I the wake of President Donald Trumps inauguration, two faction have clashed heads . These two factions are Shia Labeouf and 4Chan. From Hollywood actor to Anti-Trump activst, Shia’s campaign of “He will not divide us”  was met with a large amount of scrutiny from the online, anonymous page of 4Chan. Shia’s original campaign was online through a live stream in the middle of New York City where he would chant “He will not divide us” over and over again into a camera with signs and people behind him supporting his claim. To combat this campaign,  4chaners rushed to where the camera was set up and ‘trolled’ shia into submission. Shia then decided to to take the livestream to an unknown part of america where he set up the camera pointing at a flying flag that read “He will not divide us.” However, 4chan would not give up. using star patterns, flight patterns and cloud coverage, 4chan was able to track down the state and city of where the flag was located. They then had people from that city drive around and beep their horn to locate the flag. When the flag was located, it was taken down and replaced with a ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump presidential campaign hat. This is an amazing example of  collective intelligence in the modern era. Here we have thousands of people from hundreds of different cultures and thousands of places all working on one goal. Whether the mainstream media likes it or not, the internet can possibly achieve anything. This is the power of the internet and collective intelligence. shia meme.jpg

The Dark Side of Marriage Equality

In the last 10 to 20 years, society has made a full 180 turn on their stance towards gay marriage. Back in the 90’s it was socially acceptable to call homosexual driven people faggots, queers, and many other different slurs. Now days if you even mention the word faggot under your breathe, expect to be berated by anyone and everyone who heard you. Being a christian I have very different views on marriage equality than society does. In Chloe Hart’s Article on The ABC called “Gay marriage campaigners bullying Australians who are against it, Anglican Arch Bishop says”, The arch Bishop Glen Davies talks about how “people who support marriage between a man and a woman are being shut out of the debate and coerced into silence.” As a christian who is strongly against gay marriage, I have often found this to be factual when I am outspoken about my views. I find articles, such as this one, are very good as they give a look into the troubles of the other side of the coin. Media in this day and age are very bias towards pro LGBT community.

Sources: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-31/gay-marriage-campaign-bullying-australians-anglican-archbishop/8406204

The Power Of Citizen Journalism

8An1tvr - Imgur

Citizen journalism is one of the most powerful things mediums in the world today. With #FakeNews being all the rage in the wake of Donald Trumps Election as president, it can be very hard to determine what is and isn’t the truth. Citizen journalism expels the need for large, agenda driven cooperation’s  and replaces them with everyday people, living through the events that they are reporting on. Citizen journalism can be as simple as putting out a short tweet, describing what’s happening outside or footage from a personal drone. Through this, the people who used to be the audience are now reporters and v]have a larger variety of news they can choose to believe. This is the power of citizen journalism, to not only combat #FakeNews but to also create a ore informed and intelligen society.

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