International Students and UOW

According to, there are currently 1,232,364 international students in Australian Universities. These international students make up 24.3% of all university students in Australia. So why is it that there is a stigma that local students find it hard to relate to international students and vise versa? Well because it’s true. Being a local uni … More International Students and UOW

Cyberpunk and it’s impact on humanities future

What is Cyberpunk? Well… it’s the future, literally. Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi which focus’ on high tech, low life. With the way the world is currently spiraling down (eg. Neo nazis vs Neo (???) Communists and the perhaps nuclear strikes from North Korea) the future of of cyberpunk is become more and more … More Cyberpunk and it’s impact on humanities future

Scraps > Facts

In the current world, everyone wants everything now. This means that people are not able or willing to wait for their news as everyone wants to be in the know as well as knowing whats going on at all times. This is due to the construction of the global nervous system. Just like nerves send … More Scraps > Facts