Nollywood: The Future of Cinema

Nollywood is the amazing nigerian cinema film industry. They specialise in shooting low budget films that usually rip off the more famous hollywood or bollywood industry. They make about 50 movies a week and they are the second largest film industry in the world. But is their decision to pick quantity over content really a good one? Well ye it is. Nollywood is the second largest workforce in nigeria behind agriculture and it is able to bring in over 600 million dollars into the nigerian economy a year. This is outstanding for a developing country and one that doesn’t really have access to the high quality summer blockbusters that holly wood is able to produce.

So why are they so popular if the majority of their movies are poorly written, edited and acted? Well they are somewhat cult classics in this sense. Take the cult classic ‘The Room’ for example. I is regarded as one of the worst movies ever produced in Hollywood. It was solely funded, directed, produced and even starred a millionaire call Tommy Wiseau. The acting is atrocious all throughout the movie, the editing is shoddy and the story makes no sense in the way that it was released, and some (if not all) of Tommy Wiseau ( who also played the main protagonist) is dubbed over in post. The Room belongs to a genre known as thrash cinema. It is getting more and more popular with movies like ‘The Room’ gaining large social media followings. Trash cinema is comprised of terrible movies. Regular trash cinema watches often state that they watch because either, they love bad movies, they feel a connection to these movies, they like to try and understand the idea that the director was going for, etc. I believe most Nollywood films come under the concept of trash cinema. They are easily low budget and poorly written movies with most actors not having any formal acting training and the editors using very low budget equipment. Trash cinema is also very popular these days as movies and scenes can be very easily meme’d on social media. And due to the abundance of movies coming out each week, there is never any shortage of content for these internet meme lords to use.

After watching a couple Scenes from many different movies and different genres of movies, I completely understand why Nollywood films are so popular. It is really fun to point out the small, yet hilarious mistakes made in these movies and also the inconsistencies that have almost become a staple in all Nollywood films. However, I believe that the most enjoyable movies to watch are those where Nollywood has ripped off some Hollywood Summer Blockbuster. It’s amazing to see a very low budget version of a movie I love and it always gets me thinking about how the public would act if a large movies studio release a movie this terrible.

I believe that films such as those produced in Nollywood are the future of all film making. There is a certain character that each one of these movies ave that make you enjoy just that little bit more.




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International Students and UOW

According to, there are currently 1,232,364 international students in Australian Universities. These international students make up 24.3% of all university students in Australia. So why is it that there is a stigma that local students find it hard to relate to international students and vise versa? Well because it’s true. Being a local uni student, the separation of these two types of students is very prevalent in the current uni subculture. Does this happen on purpose. No not at all. I know personally that I find it hard to relate to a large portion of international students I meet is mostly based on the fact that we enjoy different things. I am very much into professional wrestling, video games and heavy metal music. These interests don’t have the largest fan base in Australia to begin with and to try and connect with International Students (IS) through these interests is nearly impossible. Does this mean that I can’t connect with IS? No. I have multiple friends from many different backgrounds solely due to the fact that we get along.


IS often band together because of human nature. All through history, those with the same beliefs, backgrounds, interests, etc have banded together because, as humans, we have a primal instinct to be with our pack. This is so prominent at Uni as clubs are such a large part of uni life. Another large part of uni life is speaking. That is another way in which a barrier is up against both sides. IS students come from multiple different countries and backgrounds and speak many different languages. This is such a large barrier as speech is our main form of communication as humans. Even if IS can speak fluent english (which most do as so many countries speak english as a second language), they can find it hard to communicate with Australians because we have so much lingo that other cultures just don’t have. Australians shorten everything and only really mean half of what we say in a sentence. No wonder IS find it hard to communicate or/and understand when we say “oh yeah nah yeah nah i think not aye” or “nah she’s a bit of a dingo aye a few to many loose kangaroos in the paddock.” Also australians are very sarcastic and different tones can make the exact same sentance mean 100 different things.


Is students also have to face the initial and prolonged culture shock that comes with moving to a different country and culture with different customs, ideas, laws, legal system, and mannerisms. I know from personal experience that going to a different area is absolute hell for the first couple of weeks let alone moving to a whole new country. Travelling overseas multiple times has really enlightened me to this struggle that all IS students face. They must learn the lingo, how to do specific things in society and even how to dress the accommodate the climates. This is all very disorientating when you are worried about your family back home and how they are doing without you and you miss them, as well as worrying if you are even going to like where you moved, or like the degree you have chosen or what would happen if something went wrong? All these things factor into life as an IS and make it very difficult for them to make friends and to get along in a whole new world.



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International Student Numbers Studying In Australian Universities

MEDA102 Assignment 1

My piece was mainly abstracted from from two minimalist pieces from Donald Judd (Left) and Richard Serra (Right). I decided on both of these artworks as I was a big fan on the layers and depth created through Judd’s work as well as the cylindrical style of Serra’s as it proposed the idea of a cycle. Both of these pieces give off a sense of immortality. As in they seem to go on forever, under the correct circumstances. I wanted to try and capture bits of this in my piece hence why I adopted the cylindrical style of Serra and tried to capture the layers idea of Judd. I believe that It would be quite impossible for someone to fully abstract an artwork that has had an impact or impression on them into instructions as the person who  abstracts those instructions into the artwork cannot read how you felt when initially witnessing the piece. I found this to be apparent in my abstraction. I was not able to properly convey the idea in my mind. This is either due to my lack of ability when it comes to articulating what I want just through speech or due to the inability of the project materials (e.g. paper, etc). The greatest downfall of this piece was the medium that It was required to be presented through. If I were able to abstract my ideas into instruction on how mold something like clay then perhaps I would have been able to reach the desired outcome.


  1.       With the paper aligned horizontally, draw a red rectangle on both shortest sides, running down the page. This box needs to be indented 2cm from the top, bottom, and side and be 2cm in width.
  2.       Outline both boxes with the black texter
  3.       Lightly shade 2cm around the two rectangles with pencil slowly shading heavier as you get closer to the edges
  4.       Fold both ends out at the edge of the shading
  5.       Acting with the folds as the edges, draw random, overlapping, diagonal lines that touch both sides with a black pen.
  6.       Then draw a small circle with the black pen where each line overlaps with another
  7.       Fill in the shapes made by the lines with the yellow, green, and blue highlighters. Do not color in the small circles
  8.       Cut the folded edges so there are 4 equal parts (Still attached to the main piece). Do this on both sides
  9.       Unfold the second from the top and bottom slots on each side and sticky tape each to their opposing one (making sure they do not overlap) to make the whole piece cylindrical.
  10.   Stand the piece up with the bottom join on the ground and take a picture whilst shining a torch down the top (make sure the torch isn’t visible in the picture.


 (1)                                   (2)                                      (3)

I believe that I was able to capture some of the original ideas and concepts that I had set out to capture. I also found that there are aspects of the pieces that were not originally intend but were present anyways. I discovered (through feedback and finished progress) that my instructions could have been more clear. One person said that I should have used more specific words when describing aspects of the build and another asked for less. However, after seeing how the pieces came out, I believe that my instructions were clear enough to literally get the picture. The medium that It was presented through certainly didn’t give the piece the look that I was going for. The paper and subsequent materials are a bit to flimsy for the liking, however, the bold red and black colors do capture the ideas I was looking to for.



Justin Bieber would appreciate Donald Judd’s Minimalist Metal boxes

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Richard Serra

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Is information really worth it?

The freedom of information act (US) says that any person has the right to request information from federal agency records to the extent that it is available. This act is one of the most important acts in US history, especially in the current world we live in. So many people rally behind all information being completely free to anyone at any point. But is this really good? 9/11 is one of the most pivitol points in the course of American history with the terror attacks allowing President Bush to completely invade Afghanistan and cover any wrong doings by declaring a war on Terror. However, there is a lot of speculation surrounding who actually flew those planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Many people believe that It wasn’t the Foreign Terrorists but rather they were distractions to cover up explosions set by the government to collapse the buildings. I’m not going to go into the details and supposed facts that surround these claims but imagine what would happen if it came out that it was actually the US Government who blew up the Pentagon and destroyed those Towers in New York City? The whole Afghanistan campaign and other following campaigns have been founded on these Terror attacks. Has America come out of it better than they would have? Is it really worth telling the public the truth if It means more riots and death? I guess we’ll have to find out.giphy (3)

Cyberpunk and it’s impact on humanities future

What is Cyberpunk? Well… it’s the future, literally. Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi which focus’ on high tech, low life. With the way the world is currently spiraling down (eg. Neo nazis vs Neo (???) Communists and the perhaps nuclear strikes from North Korea) the future of of cyberpunk is become more and more of a reality. More and More people are staring to look at cyberpunk as an evermore reality. High functioning technology is becoming more and more cheaper and available to the more common folk in our society (eg, virtual reality, wearable tech, and tech implants). Cyberpunk gains most of it’s style from a tech centralized, anti-Utopian future mostly based in settings stylized like large Japanese cities.

Cybergoths, like cyberpunk, base their style in a cyber-enhanced, cyber-centralized future. Cybergoths have gained popularity over the past 20 years through their cyberpunk like fashion and ideals. They predominately listen to electronic music and often have rave parties which are a signature feature for the cybergoth communities.

Scraps > Facts

giphy (1)

In the current world, everyone wants everything now. This means that people are not able or willing to wait for their news as everyone wants to be in the know as well as knowing whats going on at all times. This is due to the construction of the global nervous system. Just like nerves send information around the body in split seconds, information is now shared across the globe in minutes of it happening. Is this a good or a bad thing? In ear;y August, the famous Harry Potter writer, J.K. Rowling, was caught spreading #FakeNews on Twitter. A video was posted of Donald Trump seamingly disregarding a disabled, wheelchair bound boy after a press conference. Rowling, after seeing this video, went to Twitter to rant on Trump and show her disgust against the President of the United States. She said:

“Trump imitated a disabled reporter. Now he pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair, as though frightened he might catch his condition,”

“That man occupies the most powerful office in the free world and his daily outrages against civilised norms are having a corrosive effect. How stunning, and how horrible, that Trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the president.”

(Full story can be found at

giphy (2)

These tweets, however, were not warranted a it was discovered that Trump had actually shaken the boys hand and talked to him before the press conference after giving him his Secret service patch. Rowling then went on to apologizes to the Family and to the boy but did not apologizes to Trump, the person she was scrutinizing. We can see from Rowlings past tweets that she has no love for Trump and actively campaign against him.


This is a textbook example of someone being blinded by their own bias and attacking another person without doing the proper research. So who should be held accountable for this blunder? Can we just call it a mistake and let is go? I think not as Rowling has such a large following and has such a massive impact on those around her and on social media.

Ignorance, Racism, and Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation has been a hot topic of argument and discussion over the past few months on the Internet in such websites as Tumblr, Reddit, 4Chan, and Facebook. There seem to be two major sides to the issue of cultural appropriation, one being that sharing culture is fine and anyone should be able to dress up in any clothing or act in any way that is distinctly from another culture, and the other side is simply that any form of cultural appropriation is not okay and should have consequences. I was firmly part of the former ideology when it came to these discussions, I had believed that, as long as it was in good faith, dressing up ir acting as you are from another culture was okay. However I was given some new information about this subject. I was told by my tutor that cultural appropriation is only bad when someone uses it for personal gain wether it be monetary value or even fame. I know highly agree with this statement. This leads me on to the story that has just surfaced from the ‘The Daily Mail Australia’ about a young girl who held a Japanese themed birthday party from 2012 where she dressed up in the traditional Kimono dress of the Japanese swell as painted her face white and styled her hair in the same way that mimics Japanese tradition. (As seen bellow)

This picture was uploaded to the girl’s Mother’s blog in 2012. This picture has sparked a lot of debate (majority on Tumblr) with people calling for kids to be taught that this is not okay, calling the girl and her mother racists, and vise versa with people defending the mother and daughter. But what got the most attraction was the last comment to this thread made by a (supposed) Japanese person living in  Japan who said “A vast majority of Japanese people actually enjoy other people making an effort to spread and enjoy Japanese culture, and encourage it.” They then go on to say “…basically 80 percent of Japanese customs, traditions, and food, came from other countries.” The mother of the girl also put out a statement saying “I assure you the intent was only to share food, traditions, and cultures with kids in a positive and fun way.”

I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with what this girl and her mother have done. Before delving into the ideals of cultural appropriation, I would always cringe when i read or heard the word. This birthday party put on by the girl and her mother IS cultural appropriation but IS NOT used to further benefit the girl or her mother. Therefore there is nothing wrong with it. Even a native Japanese person agrees with this. All cultures should be shared between everyone in a respective and helpful manner. I believe that there is not enough awareness about cultural appropriation and what it actually is and how it can be used for good.


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