Why eSports is relevant in the Modern Era (BCM325 Task 2 Podcast)


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On The scientific Relevance of eSports: Michael G. Wagner


The eSport Debate: Matthew Winchell


Ten reasons why chess is a sport : John Foley

Ten Reasons why Chess is a Sport



  1. Is eSports a real sport?
  2. How relevant is eSports?


  • Definition: An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

For my digital artifact i will ask and answer the question of ‘Why eSports is relevant in the modern era.’

Use sources

The Esport Debate : Matthew Winchell

Ten reasons why chess is a sport : John Foley

On The scientific Relevance of eSports : Michael G. Wagner

The Esport Debate : Matthew Winchell presents this argument in 5 stages and goes into depth on both sides. I will be using this as a ground work and further build onto these arguments with my own ideas

Ten reasons why chess is a sport : John Foley states in a 10 point format on why chess is a sport. I will compare eSports to chess through this format and elaborate on how, if chess is considered a sport, why isn’t eSports.

On The scientific Relevance of eSports : Michael G. Wagner writes a paper as a foundation for scientific research into eSports and how it can be used to further develop other skills out of field. I will use this to show the absolute basics of eSports with no personal bias. This will help set up further scientific research.

I will also draw from real life instances in the media and controversies branching from eSports including

  • Starcraft 2 match fixing 2010

  • Call of Duty IP Fraud 2008

  • The Overwatch League

  • Player appearing in Legacy media


eSports is one of the most relevant forms of entertainment in the modern era. With companies such as twitch.tv only growing in further popularity due to eSports and streamers, Prize pools in eSports competitions rising gradually over the years, and mainstream attention being placed on eSports (not only in a negative but positive light, there is only upward for esports top go. It is super accessible and people from all around the globe can watch the same match at the same time. Plus, the majority of eSport competitions are free to watch!! Unlike more conventional sports, you don’t have to get a whole bunch of people together to meet up in real life and actually play a game together. If you want to play what the eSport players play then all you gotta do is jump online and find a match (which takes max 5 mins)

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Twitch signs broadcasting deal with Overwatch League


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