BCM212 Task 3 Final


Reflection piece

In a sentence, this survey could have been better but I believe did its purpose. When I went out and started this survey I really wanted to find a conclusive way to cope with living out of home when you’re attending Uni. I believe that If I went through the survey and combed the answers I could put together a plan on how to do this. However, I could only do it conclusively for domestic students. My main was to do this for EVERYBODY but I didn’t get enough answers from international students to be able to do this. I really wanted more international participation because those students have it objectively tougher (e.g. moving countries, changing cultures, losing friends). I find that these responses have more weight due to these obstacles that they have to jump over.

There are some extra questions that I wish I had added in hindsight. Questions like ‘What faculty do/did you belong to’ , ‘do you wish you had done something different’ , ‘do you think UOW should help prepare those moving out more’ , ’did you live on campus, sharehouse, or by yourself/with partner’.  I feel like these more specific questions would be able to help me put together a more structured survival guide that caters to more specific situations and that people can look at different sections depending on their different situations.










BCM325 Task 3 Digital Essay



Contextual essay

For my digital artifact, I really wanted to research and talk about something that meant a lot to me and something that I also enjoyed and believed in. This was critical as I believe that if you do something you want to do then it will be better than if you do something you do not want to do. Tere I decided to do my Digital Artifact (DA) on Esports and the relevance it has in the current social and political climate of 2018. However, I really struggled on deciding on what approach I should take when it came to tackling this topic. I know that the topic of ‘why Esports is a sport’  is a very talked about topic, especially when the Olympics rolls around every 4 years, so I wanted to not just talk about why, but also compare it to another sport that has been swarmed in controversy over the past many years. This is why I chose chess. Not only is it talked about in the same sentence when it comes to what is and isn’t a sport but it also shares many similarities when it comes to the people that play chess and video games. Therefore it was the perfect fit for me. Discovering John Foley’s ‘Ten reasons why chess is a sport’ article during my research gave me the perfect format to discuss my topic. I believe that comparing Esports to chess through these 10 points perfectly shows how stupid the argument against Esports as a sport it. It is very understandable that people don’t totally get Esports. Hell, YouTube Gaming has been killing it for near 10 years now and the majority of the population still don’t understand how one can even make money off of an online platform where you just ‘play video games for a living’. I think that for an idea and genre like Esports to grow and become available for everyone, it needs to get the proper recognition that It deserves and therefore be made into a sport. Online entertainment has been on the forefront over the past decade and for it to keep growing then it’s the biggest genre of Esports needs to break into the mainstream and show that gaming and creating content online isn’t a massive waste of time but actually a viable source of entertainment and income for many many people. This is also why the success of companies like Rooster Teeth and online creators like Markiplier and PewDiePie is such a big deal. To grow and transform into the worlds greatest entertainment and pass time, online entertainment like Esports needs to be recognised by all as a sport. It’s hard for a Digital Artifact like this one to show the achievements garnered by the campaign in such a small window as this semester has been. The only hope that I had for this DA was for it to inform people who do not know much or anything at all about Esports and give those who do know a little bit, some more information for them to help argue and discuss their point.





The Esports debate

Viewed all throughout the research of the Digital Artifact


Ten reasons why chess is a sport

Viewed all throughout the research of the Digital Artifact


On the Scientific relevance of Esports

Viewed all throughout the research of the Digital Artifact

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