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Earlier this year I would often go to the cinema (or Moving Pictures as my Nan would call it, due to the absolutely amazing Student Mondays at the Wollongong cinema. 9 bucks for students and every 5th movie free. I lapped this up. Plus in conjunction with some pretty decent movies I had a great time. I would often go on the Monday at a later time such as 9/9:30pm and would definitely make a night of it. Would head to Chefs Choice in Wollongong for dinner to grab some Salt and Pepper Calamari (#1) and a Seafood Laksa (#36) then after i had finished this delicious meal, would go to the cinema and sit down to watch my movie. Absolutely awesome time each week. And depending on how good the movie was, I either had a great movie going experience or had an awesome sleep. One of my cinema experiences that sticks out to me the most is when I went and saw Atomic Blonde late last year. I did the exact same thing that I would usually did, but that wasn’t the part that stuck out to me the most. The thing that stuck out to me was what happened during the movie. The movie itself wasn’t all that special. But there were some really fun bits. One of the craziest thing was that I was literally the only person in the cinema for the whole movie. So during the boring bits I just sat there watching YouTube on my phone. It was great. Whenever I am bored I watch YouTube so it worked out perfectly. I also snuck a lot of food in as it was cold outside so I could jut hide it in my jacket (but shhhh don’t tell the cinema). I often also love going to the Imax theatre as that experience is quite like non other.

In relation to Hagerstrand’s three constraints:

  • Capability constraints: Due to being a young and strong Uni student, I didn’t really have many capability constraints. I never really needed much sleep and often had a lot of time in my hands or would make time for this weekly.
  • Coupling constraints: Just as I stated above, I had a lot of time on my hands.; and therefore was able to really work around whatever time that the cinema set me. When it comes to other people, I would mostly just go by myself. Means I could work out whatever time suits me and the majority of my good friends live substantial distances from Wollongong and there fore me.
  • Authority constraints: The biggest constraint here is definitely the last viewing time that Wollongong Cinema allows. Otherwise I have the money and the ability, and therefore the authority.

My trips to the cinema are currently very different to the typical cinema going experience when it comes to people of my generation. Usually people my age go out with a bunch of friends on the weekend to a big premier every couple of months. This contrasts greatly with how I usually consume movies both when I go to the cinema and when I watch them at home.


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The Networked Home

This week we were asked to reflect on media use in our own homes. I currently use media very very heavily in my day to day life whether it be the many hours of gaming per day or the constant music and podcast that invades my ears for the majority of the day. There are very little times that I don’t have some form of media either being consumed through my eyes or through my ears. If i am not listening to my music/podcast, or watching YouTube/gaming then i’m either talking to someone, or sleeping. Now could this be hurtful to my well being and/or the people around me? Perhaps. I’m not completely unaware of this. And this is why I therefore am trying to make a conscious effort to read more and take more time away from media.

Now let’s think of a more literal networked home. I am very interested in arduinos and would love to scatter multiple arduinos around my home to “technify” my house. However, living in a share-house this might be difficult. But, I can upgrade my room and I am super keen to do this. I do plan of getting myself a Google home mini when I finally organize my room set up.

I absolutely love technology and I think with the more technology I can master then the more options I have for the future in both jobs and personal use. I am a massive enthusiast when it comes to tech, which is hard due to uni lmao.

After monitoring my media use whilst at home I noticed that, if i wasn’t on my PC, then I was on my phone. Due to having a pretty speedy PC I am able to run multiple demanding programs all at once. So whether i’m writing a blog post, playing many countless hours of Overwatch, or even just watching YouTube, I can pretty much do all of these things at once. Often I find myself being bored on my desktop PC and browsing Facebook or Reddit and then getting on my phone and doing the exact same thing that I was doing on my PC. I don’t know what this says about me, perhaps I should tell me psych…

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Intro to BCM241

This week we’ve been asked to tell a story on a specific media form in a specific space and the first thing that came to mind was probably one of the best nights of my life. Let me set the scene for you. Your an 18 years old first-year uni student after a long day of doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself, you sit down for a mad game sesh after a pretty dope dinner. Whip out your gaming laptop and jump on your bed. all nice and comfy like.


So this is me. I was super keen to start playing a game I had heard a lot about, Bioshock Infinite. This game got a 91% on PC Gamer, a 9.4/10 on, and 9/10 on Gamespot so I knew that this game would be awesome. However, I didn’t realize just how awesome. I got a couple of hours into this bad boy and realized that I should probably go to sleep. I had my first day of Uni the next day and knew I needed all my strength to get through Uni. However, I decided to push through because I was so invested in the game and the story that It was telling. By the time I had finished the game it was closer to 6am than I would have liked, and yet I still couldn’t sleep. The game was so amazing and so gripping that, not only did I pull an all-nighter when I really shouldn’t have, I had struggles concentrating for the next couple of days because the game’s story and the questions it asked grabbed me so much and would just not let me go. It was like a shock to my system. This was the first game ever that had really had this effect on me and from that point on, I was in love.


Gaming is definitely my favourite form of media. I believe that with new inventions like VR, the massive upgrades in graphics, and the more availabilities in games, video games will one day surpass the majority of popular media like television and movies. Video games are way more engrossing as the person playing the game is playing as the main character and therefore the story revolves around the decisions we you make whilst in control. In the 2013 article titles “Why Video Games Succeed Where The Movie And Music Industries Fail“, Anya Kamenetez goes over many points in reference to video game giant Grand Theft Auto V. Around this time, GTA V had just broken records by doing $800 Million in worldwide sales in the first 24 hours of sale and has now made over 6 billion dollars in revenue. Now lets compare that to the largest money making movie of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Opening day it did over $119 million and since then has grossed over 2 billion. From this we can see that video games have easily (well monetarily) has surpassed movies.


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Narratives: Television in the Home

In class today, we were challenged to reflect on how the TV worked in both our family home growing up and in our current life as uni students living in a post-on-demand environment. I grew up in a classic Australian nuclear family consisting of my Mum, Dad, Sister, and Myself. Like the majority of families in the 21st century, we had a couple tv’s in multiple rooms. However, I think our family was different as each degree of our family (Parents, my Sister, and Myself) had our “own” room with a TV in there. This meant that if we couldn’t agree on what to watch (which was often the case) then we could all just retreat to our own little corners of the house and be able to watch the program of our choice. This is quite the juxtaposition to how our family consumes media now. Due to living out of home, I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to when I lived at home (obviously) and therefore we use democracy to find something that we can all somewhat enjoy so we can just spend time hanging with each other.



Since I have already done BCM112, BCM206, and BCM325, I sort of had an idea for how I was going to start thinking on what y DA would be about. The biggest decision for me was whether I start something new or continue on a project that I left for dead in previous iterations of this task. I am still deciding but when it comes to expanding, I have many different roads I can go down. There’s the Wrestling Podcast which I have given great thought to, and have a pretty solid plan for, however it is a 2 person job and it was difficult to line-up our available times. There’s the good ol’ Jesse’s Fun Fact of the Day but I don’t think I’m gonna go there again. And finally the Study I did on the Relevancy of Esports as both a form of entertainment and as a sport. This is a more academic paper like DA that I don’t think I would enjoy as much as I would other projects. I do have some other ideas in mind involving Arduinos and satirical social media accounts but they need to go through much more of a process of development than just the idea itself.

In the Wrestling Podcast scene, there are many many podcasts. However, they are hosted by blokes who were fans during the Attitude Era (Circa ’97-’01) or are former wrestlers themselves (e.g. Taz, Steve Austin, Jim Ross). There are not really any wrestling podcasts from guys who are from the iGeneration (or Generation Z) and this is where I believe our niche is. Both Blake and I are very familiar with new forms of entertainment like Twitch and Youtube. Neither of these platforms is really that utilized by current wrestling podcasts either at all or to the extent, t could be. We also have a very different and younger opinion to most podcasters out there, due to the era of wrestling we grew up with (Ruthless aggression Era [Circa ’03-’08]).


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