Cinema Spaces

Earlier this year I would often go to the cinema (or Moving Pictures as my Nan would call it, due to the absolutely amazing Student Mondays at the Wollongong cinema. 9 bucks for students and every 5th movie free. I lapped this up. Plus in conjunction with some pretty decent movies I had a great … More Cinema Spaces

Intro to BCM241

This week we’ve been asked to tell a story on a specific media form in a specific space and the first thing that came to mind was probably one of the best nights of my life. Let me set the scene for you. Your an 18 years old first-year uni student after a long day … More Intro to BCM241


Since I have already done BCM112, BCM206, and BCM325, I sort of had an idea for how I was going to start thinking on what y DA would be about. The biggest decision for me was whether I start something new or continue on a project that I left for dead in previous iterations of … More Ideating