BCM114 Making

Since my project had changed completely in the last 3/4 weeks of classes. I didn’t get the amount of time that I would have liked to spread my secondary DA on. making is probably where I would excel as a student and a creator. yes, I do come up with plenty of ideas but I find that when I put my mind towards something, I really get into it and enjoy it more. This is where the POdcast and the video come into play. It is relevant in the video that I did care about what I was making are there are multiple edits as well as a proper voice over. Whereas there is basically no editing done in the podcast. This is mostly because, by the time I actually had a video that I could edit, I did not really care about the project anymore. Funnily enough, the first episode of the podcast is actually our 3rd. But the first 2 were not recorded and only the 1st one was streamed,. As soon as I took over that side of production, everything went well and I started having things to work with. But by this time, I already wanted to move on to something new.


In relation to my new project, I got my inspiration from channels such as Overwatch Central in how they edit and present their videos. I would like to have done more videos on the topics that I encountered but alas, I ran out of time. Here is a screenshot of the video timeline.

vid timeline

Granted, this isn’t as crazy as some professional YouTubers timelines and how they edit their videos, but I would like to do some more video editing and videos on this topic to expand my capabilities as a video editor and creator. And this only comes from practice and practice and practice.

A hard thing for me to realize Is that I definitely could have done a lot more, and I really wanted to. I think next time I will find a project that I will enjoy and something that I can do on my own so I don’t need to rely on others.


Meda202 Assignment 2 reflection

My piece originated from a joke mad in class about this assignment and in response to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’. The joke I made was me saying that I could just “shit on a plate” and hand that in as my assignment. Ironically enough, Etienne was actually pretty interested in this idea and it developed after and through that. My piece is based around this ides and currently consists of a crushed soda can/ fake poop on a small pedestal covered with a glass bell case. This is there to mimic something that is of value enough to be kept safe and protected. One of the hardest things with a piece that realistically doesn’t have a  main point but multiple, is to be able to keep the audience guessing and talking about what the piece is actually about. To try and achieve this idea, I need to make sure that I don’t put to much effort into it but also put a little bit of effort into it. Etienne and I struggled to find the golden point of where it was evident that there was some effort but not to much. With minimal effort, the idea that the piece reflects my utter lack of care for this assignment is more prevalent, however with a larger amount of care, the idea that people don’t put their problems on a stand and hide them away becomes more prevalent. I was easily able to find a glass bell dome as the main piece from kmart but finding a stand or anything large enough to hold the large glass and deep enough to be able to play with it and maybe even set some led light in it was very difficult. I think I may have to just make it myself. Etienne and myself decided that the best way to show that there was some effort put into the piece as a whole was to have multiple displays with different thing being displayed inside. This way the audience is able to continually talk about what each means in conjunction with the other ones as well as by themself. This piece also links towards the prompt of ‘Natural History Museum… after an Earthquake’ as it comments on how art can be found in anything. Just as if a broken down and destroyed natural history museum could be called art as it mimics how we, as humans, treat our planet.

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