MEDA301 Workshop 2

For the workshop, I have decided to unpack and look at my video from last year called ‘Problems in Overwatch Competitive and how to fix them!’

For this project, I used adobe premiere elements 15 which is a basic version of the Adobe Premiere package.

to Create this work I:

  1. Needed to get some footage of myself playing the video game in question: Overwatch. This was recorded by using the GeForce experience program called Shadow play.
  2. I then placed the clip into adobe premiere elements and edited it using multiple effects
  3. I also added pictures and overlays that I found through Overwatch’s official website and fan related websites

shitty word cloud for gay meda

For the analyses of a practitioner that I admire I am going to choose Alvin Lucier and his work titled ‘I am sitting in a room’. To create this work, Alvin:

  1. Sat in a room with no other audible form of sound creation
  2. recorded himself saying a phrase
  3. then manually recorded the recording of himself using another recording device.
  4. he did this through many iterations to see the desegregation of the sound.




BCM300 Blog Post 2

In week 4 our groups were given a baggy with some random pieces in it. Even though we didn’t have to use all of the pieces, our group decided to give it a go. Tasked to create a prototype for a board game that didn’t necessarily have to be the board game that we used for our assignment, we got cracking. We started off by creating a board and working out our base mechanics. Roll and move along with player elimination made for a very simple game that was fun to play for the first time. We then added some variables such as obstacles that made the game more interesting and much more fun. We made sure that we had the ability to place the obstacles ourselves as well as them being random as to both add some strategy along with randomness. We based our original prototype on the Titanic and this helped us work out our main mechanics and gave us direction for where we wanted to go with the games. The main objective was to traverse through 3 game boards and not be the last person to the lifeboats as the Titanic was slowly sinking. The game is a race at its heart, but unlike most race board games, the aim is not to determine a winner but actually determine a loser. The game is made for 4 players (mostly because that’s how many we have in our group) but can easily be modified for more players. Bellow are the very basic rules written on post-it notes.

Between week 4 and 5 I took it upon myself to come up with some more complicated rules for the game and mock-up a game board. We had spoken about including some sort of mana and card system into the game and so I decided to add some basic rules surrounding both this and the game itself. In class, we also went over these rules and rewrote some of these rules to better fit the game we wished to create. The current rules are as followed:


-Draw 3 cards at the start of the game

-there are obstacles in your way and the only way to reveal them is to play a reveal card or by landing on the space

-After every turn, you must draw till you have at least 3 cards in your hand


Roll two D6 when rolling for obstacles

-Double 1/2


-Move back 1 space

-Double 3/4/5


-spend 1 mana to remove the obstacle

-Double 6


-Spend 1 turn to remove the obstacle

-Anything else


-Nothing happens

Turn structure

Roll Phase: Roll D3 for mana points

Quick Phase: Play quick play and reaction cards

Main Phase: Play normal cards up to the amount of mana you have available.

        Roll after every movement card played to see if you stumble upon an obstacle

Even though these rules are relatively basic it allows us to start to create more intricate mechanics and work on the finer aspects such as card ratios, etc. I also created a mock-up game board in the style of the Titanic.

Since creating the board and getting a better grasp on the rules we have decided to move the theme of this iteration of the game from the Titanic to a dungeon based theme. We are yet to decide whether it will be a sex dungeon or something perhaps more serious but that the fun. One of the great things about this game is that it is easily malleable to fit any type of theme you wish it to (e.g., Fantasy, sci-fi, pirates, horror, etc).

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