BCM300 Assignment 1 Part 2 – Ajax: Battles of Champions

My original thoughts for this game stemmed off wanting to do a miniature wargaming themed game and also wanting to do a card game of sorts. So I decided to combine the two. Now I play the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG and the biggest problem that I have with current Yugioh is that it is no longer “Here is my big monster and it’s going to fight your big monster.” That’s why I have created the game that I have.

Through playtesting this game, I found that it’s always best to keep things like this simple. I tried to add a mana component such as Hearthstone or even Magic but quickly realised that the balancing between cards and the mana pool would be too difficult and would be much harder for people to create their own cards and types. I also found that by having a proper and real figurine instead of pretending that there is one there makes the game way more fun and interesting and also immerses the players more into the game.


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