BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Beta Comments

For my blog comments, I was alotted to comment on posts by:

Sarah Holiday: https://sarahsgaming.home.blog/2019/09/20/beta-a-process-in-progress/

For Sarah’s comment, I focused a lot on giving ideas surrounding peoples reactions towards the video game characters being presented in Sarah’s  DA. Sarah is doing a project comparing and talking about women’s representation in video games using the video games of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Life is Strange” as examples. Considering there are a lot of opinion pieces on women’s representation in video games, I want Sarah to take a more scientific approach to the comparison. By having reactions from people who have never played it and people who have, I think this will give great context to her piece. Research wise there was not a lot that I could find to help back up my points. There was, however, a lot of articles about video game sexism but I’m sure Sarah has already seen those. My comment could definitely have been longer and I certainly could have engaged with the content a little more. I do not know heaps about the topic at hand as a lot of the stuff surrounding this topic is very toxic, in my opinion.

Stephen Huges: https://stevesunilife.wordpress.com/2019/09/18/bcm215-beta-the-new-start/

Stephen’s DA has changed from a DA looking at the future of VR to creating machinima style videos such as those seen in Red vs Blue and Ignis Solus using the Fortnite level creator. For my comment, I presented Stephen with the idea of streaming his level creations as well as cautioned him with his idea of creating a full machinima movie. By streaming his creations I feel he will be able to more effectively formulate a good feedback loop. There weren’t heaps to work with theory wise so I wasn’t able to properly find articles to help with my comment. Perhaps a little more deep diving or even contacting the writer themselves would have been beneficial to be able to give better feedback along with some more research into the game, fortnite, itself.

Isabella Joannou: https://abearinthere.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/evolution-of-board-games-beta/

For this last comment, I was able to try and focus isabella’s mind on who she is producing content for. Isabella’s DA is a podcast comparing digital vs analog board games and after some good feedback from Reddit, I believe she just needs to figure out who she is making this for This is a very hard thing to figure out, but as she found out, the board game community can be ruthless. I possibly could have given more ideas onto the direction in which she should take her project as well as engaging with the feedback that she has already received.

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