Twitch vs YouTube

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Why are more and more creators making the move from YouTube to Twitch? Why has the evolution of video on demand to live streaming had such an impact on the media as we know it?

Over the last 10 years, YouTube has become the largest online video and live streaming service in the world with around 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded per minute and over 1.3 Billion people constantly using the site. Some of the largest creators and personalities on the site have net worth of $61 Million (PewDiePie) and $15 Million (HolaSoyGerman). These creators have undisputed revolutionised the classic ‘nerd’ and ‘introvert’. There are currently over 500 YouTube creators with over 4 million subscribers. However, many creators have started to move from YouTube to Twitch even though they have created their name on YouTube. These YouTubers (or creators as YouTube calls them) have taken their brand over to Twitch due to the large amount of problems that YouTube has. This is mostly due to the copyright strikes on videos and the Ad-Magedon. Twitch also directly relies on live streaming. This means almost instantaneous audience feedback (something that YouTube can’t offer through it’s traditional Videos) which allows each stream to reach thousands and thousands of viewers all together at the same time.  My favourite streamer, TimTheTatMan often has around 10,000 viewers at any one time when streaming. He is able to reach 10,000 people all at one time with one single message and talk to the audience in real time. This is why most creators are making the move; because they are able to converse with their loyal fans in real time. Also, Twitch prides itself in their streamers being able to directly contact them and having very strict/available guidelines and rules, something that YouTube cannot provide.


How Twitter Bots Won the Election


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2016, the biggest and weirdest presidential campaign began. The two parties, Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton. Two of the most un-qualified people in the public sphere to run for president. However, even with much more qualified people in the original running, both Trump and Clinton got through and caused the biggest election in the world and maybe even history. Trump ran most of his campaign through social media and especially on twitter. He would use google trends and twitter to determine if he won a debate or not. This is where twitter bots come into play. Twitter bots would be set up by 4chan uses to completely spam twitter with anything trump based. This turned twitter into a trump frenzy and gave trump the confidence he needed to win. 4Chan users were able to used Twitter bots to sway the social ideas that trump would get squashed by faking  social media trends and ultimately changed a lot of social circles in favour of trump.

Finding Your Identity in a Transmedia World


Transmedia: A narrative that extends beyond multiple media forms that also plays to the strength those forms; may or may not be interactive (

Why is it so hard to find your identity in the current world? I find it is due to having to express ourselves over multiple platforms on both social media and even in real life. I also believe that due to the younger generation’s lust for things in the now, we have to use multiple media sources to quench this lust for more. Take Marshall McLuhan for example. Marshall (Canadian Professor, Philosopher, and public intellectual) lived during the greater part of the 20th Century and therefore saw the evolution of the mainstream device being the radio into the television. McLuhan felt that humankind was starting to define itself through media and that this new media was starting to act as some sort of conscious glue. Now in 2017 these ideas of Marshall McLuhan have fully come to fruition with our ability to properly convey our identity. As a human being, our identity is really the only thing that is truly ours. Now in this transmedia word, our identity can be taken away and we start to tear ourselves apart to try and fit into different social constructs and groups rather than define who were our by ourselves.





Copyright & YouTube Creators

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In early 2016, the very popular YouTube Creators Ethan and Hila Klein of H3H3 Productions, had a law suit filed against them by another youtube creator, Matt Hoss (Founder of MattHosszone and creator of the web series ‘Bold Guy’) due to some material that they had featured in one of their youtube videos. On May 24 2016, H3H3 made the lawsuit public with their video “We’re Being Sued” (which can be found below)

Ethan & Hila outlined how and why they are being sued and how expensive this lawsuit would be. The YouTube Creator and Personality Philip DeFranco started a crowd funding page for Ethan & Hila and raised over $130,000 in just 3 days. Needless to say Ethan & Hila were astounded by this and very thankful. They have even started an account called FUPA (Fair Use Protection Account) to help out smaller and bigger youtubers from being bullied by YoutTube and their iffy copyright rules.

Such a story like this really opens up and shows the world how faulty YouTubes copyright system is. Youtube has long been a platform where anyone can talk about anything and not be afraid to do so. A free speech hub lets say. But now with this lawsuit and the Adpocalypse that followed a year on. It has been revealed that YouTube has turned away from it’s original standpoint and it’s morals values have been changed to fit a more PC world. Personally, that scares me. It scares me to know that some of the biggest creators on this platform are being shutdown and shut up by the company that they have helped rise just because they want to be PC. It scares me as a smaller creator that I may not have the opportunity to say my opinion without being sued or cancelled. but I guess this is the type of world that We live in now…

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Shia Labeouf vs 4Chan

I the wake of President Donald Trumps inauguration, two faction have clashed heads . These two factions are Shia Labeouf and 4Chan. From Hollywood actor to Anti-Trump activst, Shia’s campaign of “He will not divide us”  was met with a large amount of scrutiny from the online, anonymous page of 4Chan. Shia’s original campaign was online through a live stream in the middle of New York City where he would chant “He will not divide us” over and over again into a camera with signs and people behind him supporting his claim. To combat this campaign,  4chaners rushed to where the camera was set up and ‘trolled’ shia into submission. Shia then decided to to take the livestream to an unknown part of america where he set up the camera pointing at a flying flag that read “He will not divide us.” However, 4chan would not give up. using star patterns, flight patterns and cloud coverage, 4chan was able to track down the state and city of where the flag was located. They then had people from that city drive around and beep their horn to locate the flag. When the flag was located, it was taken down and replaced with a ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump presidential campaign hat. This is an amazing example of  collective intelligence in the modern era. Here we have thousands of people from hundreds of different cultures and thousands of places all working on one goal. Whether the mainstream media likes it or not, the internet can possibly achieve anything. This is the power of the internet and collective intelligence. shia meme.jpg

The Power Of Citizen Journalism

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Citizen journalism is one of the most powerful things mediums in the world today. With #FakeNews being all the rage in the wake of Donald Trumps Election as president, it can be very hard to determine what is and isn’t the truth. Citizen journalism expels the need for large, agenda driven cooperation’s  and replaces them with everyday people, living through the events that they are reporting on. Citizen journalism can be as simple as putting out a short tweet, describing what’s happening outside or footage from a personal drone. Through this, the people who used to be the audience are now reporters and v]have a larger variety of news they can choose to believe. This is the power of citizen journalism, to not only combat #FakeNews but to also create a ore informed and intelligen society.

The Art Of Craftsmanship

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Warhammer 40,00 is a  table miniature warfare game set in the year 40,000. traditionally the game is played by two players, each sporting their own assembled an painted, miniature army. Each player spends hours on end to assemble these miniature figurines in certain ways that befits the craftsman. Warhammer 40k and all of its other incarnations, are made by and built for craftsman. Weather it be a 10 year old or a 40 year old there are craftsman all over the world. This is due to 40k being so easy to create story lines, your own figures, memes, and fan arts. People are able to recreate and reproduce 40k ideas and story lines into their own figurines and there own battles. Like many other forms of entertainment, Warhammer is able to completely immerse the audience as they role play as the general commanding your own hand painted and assembled army. Often a single figure will take a couple of hours to  complete to a certain standard. The company who created warhamer, Citadel, has a branch called ‘Eavy Metal which was made for the full purpose of painting the figures to an absolutely crazy high standard. Some of these painters take days to finish a single figure to a full human realistic standard. People dedicate their lives to Warhammer. There are thousands of different characters in this universe and so the cosplay value is massive. With the art of cosplay skyrocketing in most recent years, warhammer cosplay has also skyrocketed with it.

Making Digital Foot Prints?

Many people say that the best thing you can do in you life is leave a good legacy. Our grandfathers and their grandfathers would have found this very difficult. 100-200 years ago, a legacy is the only mark you could leave on this earth. however, with the invention of the internet, the idea of a ‘Legacy’ has changed. These days, anyone from your little brothers best friend to your ‘out of touch’ elderly school principle. So how do you make the most of your online legacy?

This week in BCM112, we talked about making our Digital Artefact. A digital Artefact, like a legacy, is an idea or concept that we put into film or audio. Some people will not think about this digital artefact and end throwing something together at the last minute. Or some people, like myself, will end up putting all of there ideas into this assignment. I find myself overflowing with ideas. Not being able to decide on what I want to do for my Digital Artefact. So then I shall just do as much as possible.

It is this that I guess will be our online legacy. Something that, if not continued, will be able to look back upon when we are older. Someone what of a time capsule. I guess that is where the power of the internet comes into view. And unlike our forefathers, we have a much greater chance to have our ancestors remember our names.

If I Don’t Make Memes Then i’ll Fail

After my first lecture (BCM112) I am very much looking forward to the rest of the year.

Going int university (like most others) I was quite confused of how uni life was going to be, how the lectures and tutorials were structured and how I was going to manage all of the work. My first lecture was BCM112 which completely relaxed me in how i was going to traverse University. Ted ( my lecturer) introduced what BCM112 was mainly going to be about; The Internet vs Legacy Media. This caught my attention straight away as I had been following the PewDiePie vs WSJ very closely and had previously followed other such cases. Ted explained how he was going to run his lecture and I was grasping onto every word as I am so interested in the current state of the media. We we told to Fail early and Fail often as that is the only way that we can learn how to gain the knowledge to achieve our goals.

After the lecture i am now so excited for the year ahead of my and the possibilities that having an online presence opens up.

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