BCM114 Making

Since my project had changed completely in the last 3/4 weeks of classes. I didn’t get the amount of time that I would have liked to spread my secondary DA on. making is probably where I would excel as a student and a creator. yes, I do come up with plenty of ideas but I find that when I put my mind towards something, I really get into it and enjoy it more. This is where the POdcast and the video come into play. It is relevant in the video that I did care about what I was making are there are multiple edits as well as a proper voice over. Whereas there is basically no editing done in the podcast. This is mostly because, by the time I actually had a video that I could edit, I did not really care about the project anymore. Funnily enough, the first episode of the podcast is actually our 3rd. But the first 2 were not recorded and only the 1st one was streamed,. As soon as I took over that side of production, everything went well and I started having things to work with. But by this time, I already wanted to move on to something new.


In relation to my new project, I got my inspiration from channels such as Overwatch Central in how they edit and present their videos. I would like to have done more videos on the topics that I encountered but alas, I ran out of time. Here is a screenshot of the video timeline.

vid timeline

Granted, this isn’t as crazy as some professional YouTubers timelines and how they edit their videos, but I would like to do some more video editing and videos on this topic to expand my capabilities as a video editor and creator. And this only comes from practice and practice and practice.

A hard thing for me to realize Is that I definitely could have done a lot more, and I really wanted to. I think next time I will find a project that I will enjoy and something that I can do on my own so I don’t need to rely on others.


A whole new DA

So my old kinda sucked. It wasn’t the worst idea but, Like with our DA I BCM206, we ran into a lot of problems. Mostly that not many people give a shit about 2 randos talking about Wrestling. It’s a hard business podcasting and the gimmick that I had definitely wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. We actually lost 2 of our podcasts. Both to faults that were difficult to foresee. Example podcast 1 was lost bc OBS didn’t record but did stream and then Twitch deleted it then the second one we lost due to lack of communication. All the problems that we found in the first iteration of this DA were very present in this iteration.




Blake has dropped out so NOW ITS MY TIME TO SHINE


I have decided to do a new DA that focus’ on overwatch, A game that I play way too much of. This DA will focus on the problems in the community that you face as a support main in lower to mid levels. I am currently 2400 sr and play a multitude of heroes. there are many problems found in lower levels that are found in higher levels as well and I would like to put a showcase on them and start a more intelligent conversation through this that may show people what they are doing and how better to treat others in the game and then maybe even climb themselves.



Since I have already done BCM112, BCM206, and BCM325, I sort of had an idea for how I was going to start thinking on what y DA would be about. The biggest decision for me was whether I start something new or continue on a project that I left for dead in previous iterations of this task. I am still deciding but when it comes to expanding, I have many different roads I can go down. There’s the Wrestling Podcast which I have given great thought to, and have a pretty solid plan for, however it is a 2 person job and it was difficult to line-up our available times. There’s the good ol’ Jesse’s Fun Fact of the Day but I don’t think I’m gonna go there again. And finally the Study I did on the Relevancy of Esports as both a form of entertainment and as a sport. This is a more academic paper like DA that I don’t think I would enjoy as much as I would other projects. I do have some other ideas in mind involving Arduinos and satirical social media accounts but they need to go through much more of a process of development than just the idea itself.

In the Wrestling Podcast scene, there are many many podcasts. However, they are hosted by blokes who were fans during the Attitude Era (Circa ’97-’01) or are former wrestlers themselves (e.g. Taz, Steve Austin, Jim Ross). There are not really any wrestling podcasts from guys who are from the iGeneration (or Generation Z) and this is where I believe our niche is. Both Blake and I are very familiar with new forms of entertainment like Twitch and Youtube. Neither of these platforms is really that utilized by current wrestling podcasts either at all or to the extent, t could be. We also have a very different and younger opinion to most podcasters out there, due to the era of wrestling we grew up with (Ruthless aggression Era [Circa ’03-’08]).


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