BCM114 Making

Since my project had changed completely in the last 3/4 weeks of classes. I didn’t get the amount of time that I would have liked to spread my secondary DA on. making is probably where I would excel as a student and a creator. yes, I do come up with plenty of ideas but I … More BCM114 Making

A whole new DA

So my old kinda sucked. It wasn’t the worst idea but, Like with our DA I BCM206, we ran into a lot of problems. Mostly that not many people give a shit about 2 randos talking about Wrestling. It’s a hard business podcasting and the gimmick that I had definitely wasn’t as strong as I … More A whole new DA


Since I have already done BCM112, BCM206, and BCM325, I sort of had an idea for how I was going to start thinking on what y DA would be about. The biggest decision for me was whether I start something new or continue on a project that I left for dead in previous iterations of … More Ideating