Living in a Connected World

Our world is more connected than ever. Not just only connected via people but things. The internet is pretty much in everything now and with the introduction of home helpers such as Google Chromecast/home, and amazon echo/dot we are literally more connected than ever. The new Google home just went through a controversy with at least one device secretly listening and recording all of its owner’s conversations. Now whether this was a bug like Google stated, or Google actually spying in on us (like the CIA) it remains a mystery. GIPHY

The connected home devices give us such ease and accessibility but at what cost? Is our privacy worth accessibility? Well, personally I think yes. I am about the future and what the future has to offer, and if this means to give up a little bit of my privacy then IM all for it. How are we supposed to make large strides forward without a little sacrifice? GIPHY

This leads me onto Arduino. For those who don’t know about Arduino, they are small computer boards that can pretty much be wired up and programmed to do anything. So if you want privacy then use an Arduino to make life easy. Or if you don’t have the time or skill then get a google home or amazon echo. The choice is yours. GIPHY


Vault 7 and Hacktivism

Vault 7 and Hacking has become a staple in our society. What does this mean for us as a societal bubble? WELL LISTEN TO THE PODCAST AND FIND OUT SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.



The art of Hack

Hacking has become a cornerstone of our society with hackers being commisioned by large companies and cooperations to check their firewalls and make sure that they are secure digitally. So is hacking ethical? Well, activist groups such as Anonymous and Poodle Corps represent two very different ends of the ethical spectrum. Anonymous is a very large group of hacktivists who mostly stand for the ‘greater good’ and show this through DDoS attacks against morally wrong/corrupt groups/organisations. Poodle Corps, on the other hand, is more of a troll based group. They aim their attacks towards things people actually like such as the Xbox and PlayStation servers and popular YouTubers.

So then can hacking be used for good? and is it something we should all be looking into the pout under our repertoire?

Activists​ Using social media

Since it’s been made the mainstream, social media has been used by nearly everyone. for a multitude of reasons. Activists heavily use social media as it can easily reach a large number of people at one time. Activist groups such as Black Lives Matter and anonymous use the internet and social media to push their ideas on others and get their word out there. Activists often brag about their achievements whether it be big or small and most of the time these achievements have no real impact on their message or how society views them.giphy

The Acclimation of News


The top quality meme above shows that, through the many avenues of journalism and news gathering and viewing, one can (most of the time) get the hard facts by mediating all the different forms. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘Awww but Jesse, Fake News is Fake News how are you supposed to get anything from that???’ (imaging reading this in the voice of someone with a fedora, neckbeard, and their chin is on their chest.) Well, there is a little truth in every lie.

iOs vs Android


iOs vs Android is the most significant and mainstream battle between open source software and closed source software. Apple prefers to use closed source software so they have full ownership over their software. This allows them to change anything in the software at their whim. Companies like Google, Samsung, Nexus, etc prefer the open source software approach to Android. This allows them to modify the software to fit the brand that they are advertising and reach a larger market. Android is also more tempting to more enthusiast phone consumers who like to control how their phone works and what it looks like.

After using both software’s for quite some time, I find that both offer many different things for different people. However these can be narrowed down to two things: If you want a simplistic and easy software then iOs is your man, However, If you would like to configure your phone then Android is the right software for you.

Why we should avoid digital feudalism.


Do you like your things? Do you like having full custody of things you own and the information you share in confidence with others? Well in a world of digital feudalism you do not own these things that you believe that you do. Company’s like google and Facebook take your information and use it as marketing to sell you certain things and to also become smarter themselves. In his TEDx talk, Aral Balkan used the analogy of a free letter mail service that you could use to send letters to anywhere in the world for free. However, the company looks inside the letters and reads them and then places marketing information in them based on your letters. This is pretty much how Facebook works. Google, on the other hand,  tricks you into feeding it information to then make it smarter. Both these company’s use your information to further themselves either financially or technologically. This is the price that we have to pay for using this free software. Using these company’s WILL lead to a digital feudalism world.

Does the overabundance of content hurt the industry?

wetgThe Internet sets itself apart from traditional legacy media by being completely open to all who want to participate. It gives the audience the potential to be the producer. So what happens when everyone is able to put whatever they want on the Internet, does the overabundance of content hurt the industry; and more specifically, is YouTube’s platform availability, a detriment to the content as a whole?


YouTube is a platform that allows literally anyone to post literally anything what so ever with no background checks and no criteria to become a creator. So is YouTube’s platform availability, a detriment to the content as a whole? Not in my opinion. There are thousands of hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute and over 1.3 Billion people using the platform. This may lead you to think that the YouTube audience is getting flooded with content from millions of creators and these hours and hours of content is overbearing the site However I believe that the more content on the platform is better as it gives more opportunity to smaller YouTubers to gain an audience as well as express their creations through their own ways. The overabundance of content also shows the good videos compared to the bad. Like the concept of of ‘there is no good without bad’ the same thing applies here to a lesser extent.

Is information really worth it?

The freedom of information act (US) says that any person has the right to request information from federal agency records to the extent that it is available. This act is one of the most important acts in US history, especially in the current world we live in. So many people rally behind all information being completely free to anyone at any point. But is this really good? 9/11 is one of the most pivitol points in the course of American history with the terror attacks allowing President Bush to completely invade Afghanistan and cover any wrong doings by declaring a war on Terror. However, there is a lot of speculation surrounding who actually flew those planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Many people believe that It wasn’t the Foreign Terrorists but rather they were distractions to cover up explosions set by the government to collapse the buildings. I’m not going to go into the details and supposed facts that surround these claims but imagine what would happen if it came out that it was actually the US Government who blew up the Pentagon and destroyed those Towers in New York City? The whole Afghanistan campaign and other following campaigns have been founded on these Terror attacks. Has America come out of it better than they would have? Is it really worth telling the public the truth if It means more riots and death? I guess we’ll have to find out.giphy (3)

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