BCM207 Task 3 – #Enough Campaign

Originally finding a topic for my group to dissent against proved to be very difficult as we had so many ideas but failed to narrow them down to specific points and choose a specific topic to talk about. However, after much deliberation, we decided to go with a topic that has been very vibrant in the majority of media platforms due to current events, Gun Control laws. However, we also needed to specify what about gun control laws we are choosing to dissent against; so we decided to dissent against the abolishment/lowering of gun control laws and therefore decided to start the hashtag (#Enough) in protest of the abhorrent lack of strong gun control laws.

To create a strong, competent, and knowledgeable campaign, we realized that there would have to be a lot of research done on both sides of the argument. We also made sure to try and not show much bias when researching as being able to view something critically with all the facts in play is the best way of garnering the truth. Therefore we had to find websites that purely based their information on facts such as The Gun Violence Archive, ProCon.org, and Every Town Research. These websites were all unbiased and presented the debate with facts. This allowed for our group to also do the same. As we had already decided on our standpoint on the issue, it was quite easy to build our argument around the points presented in these articles and websites. However, even though our campaign was promoting only one side of the debate, we still included the rebuttals that the other side would have in our presentation. We feel that this allowed us to show a whole debate with all the facts included rather than just a one-sided propaganda piece. This group work set the foundation for what is now my final digital piece on the topic of choice, Stronger Gun Control. When I started coming up with ideas for my piece I decided that I would need something shocking to straightaway draw my audience’s attention to what is happening on screen and also in the world around them. I feel that, even if they did not follow up on the links in my 60-second video, the audience would still have their hearts and minds be opened to what is happening in the real world and the true impact that it has on the people of America. I decided to base my digital essay on the ‘37 seconds’ fact that I drew from EveryTownResearch.com. I feel that by showing everyday tasks that take no time at all within a 37-second time frame, that this would show people how important Strong Gun Control is.



Gun Violence Archive

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Should more gun control laws be enacted?

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Gun violence by the numbers

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