BCM212 Task 3 Final


Reflection piece

In a sentence, this survey could have been better but I believe did its purpose. When I went out and started this survey I really wanted to find a conclusive way to cope with living out of home when you’re attending Uni. I believe that If I went through the survey and combed the answers I could put together a plan on how to do this. However, I could only do it conclusively for domestic students. My main was to do this for EVERYBODY but I didn’t get enough answers from international students to be able to do this. I really wanted more international participation because those students have it objectively tougher (e.g. moving countries, changing cultures, losing friends). I find that these responses have more weight due to these obstacles that they have to jump over.

There are some extra questions that I wish I had added in hindsight. Questions like ‘What faculty do/did you belong to’ , ‘do you wish you had done something different’ , ‘do you think UOW should help prepare those moving out more’ , ’did you live on campus, sharehouse, or by yourself/with partner’.  I feel like these more specific questions would be able to help me put together a more structured survival guide that caters to more specific situations and that people can look at different sections depending on their different situations.










BCM212 – How to live out of home for uni

The topic that I have chosen to discuss and determine is how it is possible to move out of home (whether it is cross-country, state, or city) and keep the same standard of living and/or how to cope with the changes. Personally I have moved both out and back into home in the past 2 years and struggled with keeping the same standard of living, as I was at home, in Wollongong as well as staying both mentally and bodily healthy. I have discussed with many people who have moved out of home on how they adapt with the changes that moving into a new city brings with it.

When you move out of home, you start a whole new part of your life. You have to start doing your own cooking, laundry, shopping, etc and these can be very daunting tasks if you haven’t done these before. Learning how to accomplish these menial tasks are what the basis of living by yourself is built upon. Without these basic skills, living out of home and by yourself is sure to be a very difficult time. Another part of moving out of home is trying to maintain the same quality of life that you are accustomed to. Now change is good and change helps mold a person into the n or woman they wish to be, but as you move out for the first time, you cannot change to much as it may be detrimental to your health. I personally found that keeping up somewhat f the same quality of life ultimately lead me to moving back home. I found it way too hard to be sharing a super povo bathroom and toilet with 4 or 5 other people regularly and chuck in the price tag that came with it, just became to expensive when i could get a much better experience for a much cheaper price at home.

There are many websites and articles dedicated to how a uni student would survive living out of home (E.g. Flatmates.com, University of Southern Queensland, and UNI101). These websites and articles are mostly from bi companies trying to show uni students that they acre by putting in ‘helpful guides’. However, as a uni student who has moved out and then back to live with my parents, I want to put together a piece that helps those thinking about moving out, already moving out, and already move out on how to cope with the changes and keep that same quality of life as well as how to do the basic, menial tasks that comes with living out of home. I want to do this by collaborating with many students of different backgrounds as well as both Domestic and International students to put some tips and tricks that will help these students from current students with experiences in these areas. This is what will set the task apart from any of the large corporations or groups that are merely trying to hit quotas. I will be having real uni students with real experiences, both domestic and international, share how the were able to move out of home and whether they actually stayed or either moved back, or even found a much better alternative.





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