MEDA101 Task 3: AudioVisual – Family Dinner vs HSP


Project Statement

For this task I wanted to do something different to what I was expecting the majority of other people to do. As with my previous tasks, I couldn’t nail down the ‘where I am From’ aspect and so I chose to base mine project around food. More specifically, a traditional Heslehurst Family dinner compared to a Halal Snack Pack (HSP). I found the representation of these two very different types of food perfect;ly represented the different types of lifestyles that I found at University compared to home. So I therefore baseds my project around the difference of uni life compared to home life. I used actual sounds and video of my family at dinner to create authenticity and help contrast the recordings I did of myself and the use of YouTube’s audio library. All in all I wanted to do somewhat of a youtube video and hence I used their copyright free library for music.


Where I’m From Soundcloud

With this piece I didn’t want to just either read out the poem and/or just have sounds to represent where i’m from. I chose to have a voice over as the main focus of the audio file as I find that I couldn’t properly answer the question ‘where I’m From’ with just sound. I chose to have the voice over be playing over different sounds that did represent where i am from (eg The beach, the bush). I had many different ideas when approaching this task. some of my ideas included somewhat of a story and others were just a humble jumble. But i settled on this idea as it spoke to me the most.

Where I’m From – Remoscope Project

Where I’m From

I am from strong teachings and steadfast faith

I am from bush paths and crashing waves

I am from an Aussie BBQ with multiple, mouthwatering flavours

From travels far and wide, always with with somewhere to go

I am from winding rivers and bustling cars

I am from loud music and many instruments

This Project for my MEDA101 subject called us to write a poem on where we are from using inspiration from George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m From’. Lyon’s poem explores the concept of “Where I’m From”. In my film,i wanted to capture the largest specifics of my life and where I’m from. The largest being my faith; hence both the start and finish being clips that represent my faith. I also placed shots of travelling as I have done a lot of that as well as living near the beach and It being a large part of my life in there as well.

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